Boxley, infant, 1928-1928

Birth, 1928, Chandler, Lincoln County, OK
Death: 1928

No visible stone exists for this memorial, but it recognizes that the infant child of Beach Boxley and his wife Millie Saulsberry was buried here. Information about the burial comes from the Alsip family of Chandler, Oklahoma. (Zelda Saulsberry Alsip was the sister of Millie.) The dates are informed guesses. All that is known for certain is that Millie Saulsberry married Beach Boxley in Lincoln Co. OK in 1927, and this infant was born after that date and before 1930, when they were living in Ardmore OK.
Later, about 1930, Millie and Beach had a son named John Boxley. After his parents' divorce, he lived with his Saulsberry relatives: first Robert and Hazel Saulsberry of LIncoln Co. OK and then Thomas and Garnet Granell in Casper, Wyoming. John, now retired from the military, reports that Millie and Beach had 6 boys and 1 girl and that all of his siblings died before they were 2 years old. John Boxley thinks that the child buried here may have been a girl. 
Source for second paragraph: Letters from David Alsip, Jan. 2014.

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