Brown, Joseph, 1821-1903

Born: 1821, Illinois
Died: 1903

The parents of Joseph Brown are not known, and of his wife Sarah Brunk only her father can be identified. He was John Brunk, born 1795 in South Carolina and living as a widower with Joseph and Sarah in Kansas in 1860.  
Joseph Brown came from Brown County in the western part of Illinois, where he and Sarah married in 1850. They were living in Cowley County Kansas in 1880 and came to Oklahoma about 1890, where the state census of that year shows them in Guthrie with two of their adult children, Jacob and Sarah. It has proved impossible to find them on the 1890 census, and no later records are known.

The known children of Joseph and Sarah Brown are: John H. Brown, 1852 - ; Elizabeth J. Brown / Small / Riggs, 1853-1901; Abraham, 1854-1945; Jacob, 1857-1909, and Frederick 1858- . Both Abraham and Jacob Brown are buried in Star Valley Cemetery near Warwick, Lincoln Co. Jacob apparently had no children, but Abraham had a large number, and many of his descendants still live around Warwick and Wellston. 
The Brown stone appears to have been vandalized, probably because it stood out. It's visible from the road. It is one of the two stones in the cemetery made of granite, an excellent hard stone for building, probably very tempting for passing farmers.

Family links:
Spouse: Sarah Brunk Brown, 1825-1905
Son: Abraham “Abe” Brown, 1854-1945
Son: Jacob “Jake” Brown, 1847-1909

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