Cook, Nancy "Nan" Williams, 1865 - 1899

Birth: April 1865, Platte Co. MO
Death: 6 Oct. 1899

This memorial presents a difficulty at the outset, for the deceased is identified only by her nickname Nan, the very common family name Cook, and her death date. The principal clue is her stone’s proximity to Lydia Cook’s. Cut in the same shape and style and facing the same direction, it strongly suggests she is related. 

Then in December of 2016 I received email from Wanda Wade at the Wyoming Archives, who knows and has traced this family. Nan is the daughter of William G. Williams and Mary Anna Smith of Platte Co. MO. She married Thomas Jefferson Cook in 1888 in Platte County. 

Nan appears on the 1900 census, whereas the death date on the stone is 6 Oct 1899. This can be variously explained. It often happens in census taking that a recently dead person is counted as alive, because family members speak of this person as though he or she were living. 

Her stone is similar to that of Lydia Cook because they died the same year and are buried close together. Lydia was her aunt. 

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