Location and Description

Notice that "up" on the map is west, the direction you would be driving if you came from Highway 18. "Twp" is Township.  

The description below should replace the outdated description which is currently posted at F-A-G.

The cemetery is located on the southeast corner of the junction of EO890 and N3410 Roads. Go north from Chandler on Highway 18 past the turnpike to the first section line, known as the Lake Road. Go due east two and three-quarters of a mile, and that is the intersection of the two roads named above. The intersection is marked. A sign and a gate have recently been added.
The cemetery cannot be entered from the east side because of a barbwire fence. The best entry is just west of the intersection on the north side. In December of 2013, a thorough cleanup was performed by the City of Chandler, and now for the first time in many years the cemetery is accessible. 
In 1965 Mrs. Joe Gibson owned this land, which was homesteaded by her grandfather, Joel McCorkle. She said she counted 36 graves at one time but knew that there were many more burials. She thought that after the inscriptions were recorded the McCorckle graves were moved to Oak Park Cemetery, Chandler. According to the cemetery records at Oak Park, however, Nellie Mae McCorkle is the only McCorkle buried there.
Most of the graves are marked by field stones or sandstone markers that have become illegible or very nearly so.

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