Matthes, Alma “Allie," 1893-1898

Born: 1893, Kansas
Died: 19 Oct. 1898

The daughter of Carl Albert and Pauline Huber Matthes, her short life was tragically ended by an accidentally inflicted shotgun wound from her brother. The details are given in the two articles posted here. For more on her parents, see the page for her mother.

Chandler News,  21 Oct. 1898

Chandler News Publicist, 21 Oct 1898

        The DAR, in its 1962 survey of the cemetery, reported Allie's death date as 19 October 1896, but the newspapers agree that she was five when she died, which puts her death in 1898. Those old eroded sandstones were very hard to read. Likely, the DAR read an 8 as a 6. There is no mistaking the dates of the newspaper accounts.
        Note that Allie's mother Pauline had just died the year before, which probably explains why the children's play was unsupervised. Or, rather, left to the supervision of a deaf woman. 
       At some point, the family marker has been vandalized. Probably because like the Joseph Brown stone, it stood out. These are the only two markers at McCorkle made of granite. 

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