McCorkle, Joel F., 1823-1907

Born: 1923, Ohio
Died 1927

Son of Samuel and Elizabeth Simmons McCorkle of Adams Co. Ohio, he came with his son Elisha Samuel, who made the homestead, Joel being already advanced in years. The other children remained in Ohio and Indiana. 
        Joel married Mary Ann Earls in Indiana in 1849. After some years in Illinois and Kansas, they arrived in McKinley Township before 1900. The homestead patent was approved in1902, and they would have had to live on it for a minimum of five years, which puts their arrival at no later than 1897. 
Homestead Patent for Elisha Samuel McCorkle, 1902

Joel’s memory is firmly recorded here, but no stone has been found for him, nor for his wife Mary Ann (see above). His death is recorded as 2 June 1907, five months before Oklahoma became a state. His wife died in 1899.
The children of Joel and Mary Ann were:

  • Elizabeth Charlotte, 1849-1910, married James H. Glasscock.
  • Martha J., 1852-1910, married James Hendrickson.
  • Lucinda C., 1854-1920, married Samuel Busell.
  • Elisha Samuel, 1857-1953, on whom see below.
  • Charles McCorkle, 1859- , no data after 1860.
  • Mary J., 1863- 1890, married Elliot Thornton Billups.
  • Sarah A., 1865- 1890, married Samuel B. Moore.
Joel and Mary Ann must have been accompanied by their son Elisha Samuel McCorkle, because it was Elisha who made the homestead. Elisha's daughter, Bessie Ann McCorkle Gibson, inherited the homestead and donated 40 acres of it for this cemetery. (The story is more complicated than that, however; see Robbie McComma, "McCorkle Restoration.")

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