Smith, Lydia Luisa “Liddie” Miner, 1840-1894

Born: Ohio, 1840
Died: 1894

She was the wife of John Best Smith, whose entry appears immediately below. The names of their thirteen known children are:
  • Charles R., 1856-1861, died Black Hawk County IA.
  • Rhoda Ann Marie, 1857-1934, married Arthur Pember, died Ness City KS.
  • Elizabeth, 1859-1933, married Charles W. Tarman, died Ness City KS.
  • George Washington, 1861-1927, died Caddo Co. OK.
  • Almira Melvina, 1864-1895, married Elisha Samuel McCorkle, who homesteaded the McCorkle farm where this cemetery is located.
  • Lucy Jane, 1866-1938, married Ivin Pember, died 1938, probably in Kansas City MO.
  • James Henry, 1867-1947, died Clatsop Oregon.
  • Luly A., 1869- ?, no data after the 1885 Iowa census.
  • Laura Luisa, 1871-1944, married 1) John Benjamin Zickefoose, 2) James Monroe Christison, 3) Jesse William Zickefoose, died Coffey Co. KS.
  • Eugene Edward, 1874-1874, died Dickinson Co. IA.
  • Rosa Eveline, 1876-1856, married Herman L. Mellies, died Lacrosse Co. KS.
  • Friend Arthur, 1878-1961, died Caddo Co. OK.
  • Myrtle Iva, 1881-1906, married Frank Miller Profitt, died Caddo Co. OK.

Judging by the solid granite of Lydia’s stone, the Smiths must at one time have had an imposing monument. Vandals must have taken it to use for the foundation of a shed or chicken house. The native stone in Lincoln County is sand rock, too soft to be of use in building. Abandoned cemeteries are a convenient source of harder rock.

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