Thompson, Carolyn Brewer, 1860 - 1908

Born: 24 Aug. 1860, Champaign Co. IL
Died: 30 March 1908
Identified as Carolyn Thompson's stone

This name and the dates originally came from, managed by Sherry Springer. The data given there are precise: "Mrs. Carolyn Thompson, 24 Aug 1860 - 30 Mar 1908." Though Sherry no longer has the letter she received, it is clear that such precise information came from a family member.  

For many decades, the identity of this person was a mystery, but this grave was visited by family members sometime around 2005, and their conclusions are now posted at  They identified and photographed the stone above. The mystery for me, as virtual caretaker of the cemetery, was complicated by another Carrie Thompson who died in Lincoln Co. in early April 1908. She is buried in Clematis (a.k.a. Victor) Cemetery.

It is now known that Carrie Brewer Thompson was born in Champaign County Illinois, the daughter of Lenzo D. and Mary Bonebreak Brewer. Her husband was Perry T. Thompson (1860-1927), a worker in railroad bridge construction who passed through Chandler in the early 1900s. At that time it appears that Perry stayed in town to be on-call for the railroad, and that Carrie and the children resided  northwest of Chandler.

The known children of Carolyn and Perry Thompson are:

  • David Lorenzo Thompson, 1881-1968
  • John Thompson, 1883-1960
  • Jessie Clifford Thompson, 1888-1981
  • Mary Belle Thompson, 1889-1977
  • Fairy May Thompson, 1891-1962
  • Thomas Benjamin Thompson, 1894-1966
  • Minnie Ethel Thompson, 1897-1977

The photo above is posted by permission.

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